i have taken photographs all my life, yet this series moved me away from what i knew. instead of using a camera and a lens, i used my skills as a long timeprinter to make images with only the emulsion of the peel-away polaroid.  after experimenting with emulsion transfers on various supports such as wood and paper, i realized that the polaroid emulsion was not only sensitive to light, but to the touch as well.  different colors can be obtained by applying more or less pressure, it also changes as time goes by before the peel-off.  i worked with tools and with my hands, not really knowing what the final product would be like.  not until the emulsion is peeled-off.  i had covered my eyes in the past, and asked someome to lead me through the streets to photograph sounds.  but this series is a bit different. i was able to close my eyes and make images with my hands.  my eyes had no part at all in the process.  once the image was revealed, i would finally look at it, be somewhat surprised, and title it with the first thought that came to mind.

sizes available:  18x24 inches  and  30x40 inches